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Is your small – to mid-size business grappling with any of these growth dynamics?

A lot of startups and SMBs use Lean methodology to create Minimum Viable Products – but there’s a 90% failure rate for businesses for startups and an equally depressing number regarding legacy business’s new product introduction success rate. So, we’re sure how to create what’s “new” or “next” while also focusing on our larger business.

  • Our business is growing so fast that we’re having trouble managing the way we always managed. How add capacity without losing our soul?
  • Our company’s growth has slowed and we want to address issues before they get more serious. But making the wrong move could make things worse.

Our brand has great potential but I’m not sure how to build on what we have. And we don’t want to harm what we’ve created by taking the wrong path.

Our team has ideas about what might be next but we’re not sure how to make the right decisions. And with an unlimited amount of information, it’s harder than ever to know how to get started.

We’ve grown with little or no debt and aren’t sure about changing this core part of our business – but know that available capital impacts how fast and wide we can expand.

Everything we read and everyone we talk to notes that the funding landscape has changed, that traction and growth expectations have gotten even more demanding. Not sure how to leverage solid track record to raise growth capital.

If so, maybe we can help.

Month 16 partners with small- to mid-size businesses that want to grow but don’t know how.

Month 16 successfully helps small- to medium-size businesses address a wide range of growth dynamics by efficiently uncovering insights, developing actionable strategies, empowering go / no-go decision-making, and managing real world roll-outs.

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Our Viable Growth Solutions helps SMBs address these unique challenges.

Month 16’s Viable Growth Solutions is engineered to help early stage investors and businesses address the challenges that have resulted in the 92% new business failure rate.

Developed after extensive research and filtered through the collective experience of Month 16’s Co-Founders, Subject Matter Experts, and Board of Advisers, it’s a flexible suite of solutions to improve ROI. We deliver strategy, implementation and oversight, not just decks.


Representative activities include developing an aspirational, but actionable Vision/Mission, analyzing the market via desk research / social listening / interviews, understanding jobs-to-be-done, crafting potential relevant differentiation, drafting business model and aligning model with Vision / Mission.

Benefits: Foundation  of minimum viable business and / or implementation underpinned by insights


Representative activities include leading individual and group exercises with client’s subject matter experts to address outputs from Prepare Module or challenges raised exclusively for sessions, user stories, prototyping, and implementation planning.

Benefits: Refined Minimum Viable Business and / or implementation plan underpinned by market insights


Representative activities include employing agile development to develop / further develop products, driving alignment between strategy and implementation, and ensuring touch-points work absolutely and relative to a brand’s overall ecosystem.

Benefits: Executions underpinned by insights, guided by strategies, and aligned with Vision / Mission

We believe balance drives growth.

While we certainly “haven’t seen it all”, our previous work with large companies and current work with SMBs has taught us that balance is a key driver of growth. The four graphics linked below partially illustrate how we help clients win.

Balance Drives Growth

Our diverse experience and informed perspectives add value to every client engagement.

Noel leads current engagements to ensure that business challenges are understood and solutions address the needs of early stage investors and brands.

Relevant highlights:

  • Follett Higher Education Group,  developed e-commerce team and within four years led Company from zero e-commerce revenue to over $300 million plus a year in e-commerce revenue, establishing Follett as one of the top 75 revenue generating sites globally
  • Follett Higher Education Group, led Follett’s skunk-works team charged with developing new direct to consumer brand and platform to compete with Amazon and Ebay
  • American Press Institute (API), he advised and guided senior leadership at leading media companies including the Tribune, Washington Post, and Gannett on developing and implementing business models to replace declining newspaper revenue
  • As part of the executive leadership team of Chicago-based luxury chocolate company, developed strategies and implementation plans to address wide range of challenges including brand confusion, hyper-competitive pressures, and an inefficient patchwork technology infrastructure
  • Co-founded and/or advised startups which raised over $140M in venture funding

When not in office, Noel spends time with family, travels, enjoys new food flavors, and rides his motorcycle

BA, DePaul.

J.B. partners with small- to medium-sized businesses to go from “napkin ideas” to research to strategy to go / no growth decisions.

An experienced manager, J.B. has created value across a wide variety of business categories, types of companies and market challenges including:

  • identifying through stakeholder interviews that a media brand had an “ugly baby” and developing an alternative strategy to launch a lifestyle platform;
  • developing the global employment brand for $100 billion pharma company to replace a patchwork positions with unified voice, an effort that entailed conducting global research and employing data to sell-into senior leadership;
  • leveraging consumer research to create a category-defining “store of the future” for the world’s largest car care brand (Firestone), an initiative that re-imagined tire, maintenance, and repair experience as more customer-friendly relationship;
  • distilling $1M of B2B, B2C, and B2B2C research into a single statement for the Blue Cross Blue Shield system and supporting “the line” with rationale, tools, and training so managers across the U.S. could infuse the thinking into touchpoints and operations.

J.B. has guest lectured at The University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business, published strategy articles on Brand Channel, been interviewed for leading industry publications, and has been honored to mentor more junior staff. A graduate of Wesleyan (BA), Columbia, (MPA), and Kellogg (KMI), J.B. loves spending time with his three kids, cooking, and taking advantage of Chicago’s great live music scene.

We build well and do good.

Month 16 is an Illinois Benefits Corporation, a for-profit with a tax designation that allows us to devote resources to giving back. Given our professional skills and personal inclinations, that commitment translates as pro bono strategy consulting for non-profits.

To date, we’ve helped a health care initiative work-through the complexities of its multi-sided platform and a faith-based initiative distill their ideas into a “business concept” to garner stakeholder feedback and donor support. Though a bit down the road, Month 16 hopes to join the ranks of well-known Benefits Corporations such as Patagonia and Method by going through the national certification process. Until then, we’ll just continue adding value where we can.

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